UNODC - Handbook on Prisoners with special needs
Recommendation CM/Rec(2012)12 of the Committee of Ministers concerning foreign prisoners
Recommendation CM/Rec(2012)5 on the European Code of Ethics for Prison Staff
Recommendation CM/Rec(2010)1 on the CoE Probation Rules
CoE: Guidelines regarding recruitment and training of prison and probation staff
CoE: Education in Prison - Recommendation No. R (89) 12
CoE: European Prison Rules, revised and amended by the Committee of Ministers on 1 July 2020
CoE: Compendium of Conventions, Recommendations and Resolutions on prisons sanctions and measures
CoE Handbook for prison and probation services regarding radicalisation and violent extremism (2016)
BSAFE LAB. Law Enforcement, Justice and Public Safety Research and Technology Transfer Lab
EPEA- European Prison Education Association
EPTA - European Penitentiary Training Academies Network
Europris. Promoting Professional Prison Practice
ICPA. International Corrections and Prisons Association
Nessuno tocchi Caino. Hands off Cain
RAN - Radicalisation Awareness Network
RAN: Rehabilitation of radicalised and terrorist offenders for first‑line practitioners (2020)
RAN: Breaking the cycle. Preventing the risk of radicalisation of asylum seekers and refugees (2019)
RAN Collection: Preventing Radicalisation to Terrorism and Violent Extremism
PO21. European Prison Officers for the 21st century
R4JUST. Radicalisation Prevention Competences’ Development Programme for Justice Professionals​
General Organic Penitentiary Law (Spain)
Royal Decree, Penitentiary Regulation (Spain)
Instructions and Circulations of the Central Penitentiary Administration (Spain)
Instructions and Circulations of the Catalan Penitentiary Administration
Regulation of organization and operation of the services of penal execution in Catalonia
Penitentiary Administration (Spain)
Penitentiary Administration (Catalonia)
Statistics from Central Penitentiary Administration (Spain)
Statistics from Catalan Penitentiary Administration
Sistema penitenziario e detenuti stranieri - A cura di A. Bormioli
Quaderni ISSP - Essere stranieri in carcere
Short Guide to the Nelson Mandela Rules (revised Standard Minimum Rules)
Protecting Human Rights in Prisons while Preventing Radicalization Leading to Terrorism or Violence