22 June 2021

Human rights of Foreign Nationals in prison: a new free online course for prison staff, prison managers and prison staff trainers will help improve the knowledge and awareness of issues related to human rights and needs of foreign inmates

Online course available starting from July 21st, 2021

Application at  www.bcompetent.eu

The European project B-COMPETENT (2019-21),  co-funded by the Justice Programme, is launching a new free online course aimed at providing prison staff with a set of multidisciplinary skills related to human rights protection of foreign inmates, in line with EU and international laws and standards.

The online course and the training materials have been designed and developed by 7 Partners from Italy, Spain, and Albania: University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, University of Barcelona-OSPDH, Bosch i Gimpera Foundation, Antigone Association, Albanian Ombudsman, European Center Foundation, and Prodos Consulting.


The course is mainly targeted to:

  • prison managers
  • prison administrative staff
  • prison staff trainers
  • prison civilian staff (forensic psychologists, social assistants, educators, social workers, cultural mediators, interpreters, etc.)
  • prison officers
  • all those responsible for working with Foreign Nationals in prison.

Contents and structure

The training path combines 10 e-learning modules and 6 online workshops.

E-learning course

The e-learning course will provide useful insights into legislative frameworks and key aspects of the management of Foreign Nationals in prison: European standards in the work with foreign inmates, right to access to justice and other rights (communications, health), conditions of detained women with minor children, access to penitentiary work, restorative justice, to mention some of the most relevant issues.

Key features:

  • 10 online modules (10 h of video-recorded lessons)
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: Albanian, English, French, Greek, Italian, Montenegrin and Spanish.
  • The online modules can be done in full or by selecting the video lessons of interest.
  • Multiple choice test on completion of each module.
  • Free access to training tools and resources:PPT slides (English), biblio-sitography, relevant articles/publications.
  • A statement of participation will be issued upon request.


  1. The concepts of "immigration" and "international protection" 
  2. International protection: European Court of Human Rights, Court of Justice of the European Union and United Nations Human Rights Committee     
  3. Regulation on the administrative situation of non-nationals   
  4. European standards in the work with foreign inmates
  5. Religious freedom and imprisonment. Part 1: General features        
  6. Religious freedom and imprisonment. Part 2: Radicalisation
  7. The right to access to justice in equal terms
  8. The right to access to justice and other rights – Part 1: Communication and health
  9. The right to access to justice and other rights – Part 2: Women & children; Work     
  10. Conflict Theory and Alternative Conflict Resolution: Restorative justice

Online workshops

Six online workshops will be organized in Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Albania and Montenegro in November 2021. Each workshop, led by B-COMPETENT trainers and highly qualified international experts, will address country-specific issues from an international perspective, focusing on best practices exchange and case studies. Participants will be actively involved through discussion panels and Q&A sessions with experts. Each webinar will be held in the language of the country hosting the event.

The online course will be available at  www.bcompetent.eu  starting from July 21st, 2021.  For more details refer to the  training program

The calendar and the program of the online workshops will be soon available at  https://www.bcompetent.eu/workshop/

To apply for the course fill out the  sign up form

For any inquiries you may send a message to  info@bcompetent.eu  or fill in the contact form