3 November 2021

Foreign Nationals in prison: an animated introduction to the rights and needs of foreign inmates

In increasingly multi-ethnic correctional settings, where the management of cultural diversity has become a priority issue, prison staff plays a crucial role in safeguarding human rights and preventing episodes of radicalization and extremism.

The difficulties encountered by prison staff in dealing with foreign inmates and meeting their special needs clearly show the challenges for many prison services to ensure the effective and coherent application of EU and international rules with regard to the protection of foreign prisoners’ rights.

This 3-minute multilingual animated video produced by Associazione Antigone, provides an introductory guide to the fundamental rights of foreign prisoners and a helpful tool for prison staff: the right to be informed in a language they understand and to be assisted by an interpreter; the right to relationships with family, friends, and consular representatives; the right to family visits or alternative methods such as video calls.

The animation is available in 7 languages: English, French, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Albanian, Montenegrin. Enjoy the video!