5 October 2021

ARTICLE: Being a foreign prisoner in the Albanian system of deprivation of liberties

When describing the categories of foreign prisoners, it becomes obvious that problems of isolation and distinct needs [arising from his/her status] become present and sometimes turn into human rights violation.

The status and special needs that foreign prisoners have in conditions of deprivation of liberties, require policies and strategies that aim central authorities to raise and solve; failure to guarantee such rights, according to European Court of Human Rights, may amount to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, or even torture. 

In response to the increasing number of foreign prisoners and their very specific requirements outlined above, there is a need for prison authorities to develop policies and strategies that ensure that the social reintegration of this vulnerable group is facilitated in an effective and sustainable manner. This article and the identified recommendations intend to bring an analysis of the existing framework and mapping of actual actions for consolidating the application of international standards and newly adopted prison legislation in Albania.

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Released by:  Avokati i Popullit