21 July 2020

B-COMPETENT: Second Consortium meeting held online via Zoom

B-COMPETENT is celebrating its second transnational project meeting hosted by European Center via Zoom Platform .

The 2 half-days virtual meeting is mainly focused on two project's pillars: i) analysis of training gaps and needs of prison staff in 6 countries (Italy, Spain, Greece, France and 2 pre-accession states, Albania and Montenegro) with specific regard to foreign inmates’ rights; ii) methodological framework of training program for the trainers of penitentiary staff.

Over the last few months the COVID-19 outbreak and its dramatic impacts on prison services have severely hampered the research phase of the project and the Consortium members have been confronted with many difficulties in reaching and involving prison autorities and penitentiary staff in the field research. 

Despite these challenging obstacles, B-COMPETENT has successfully achieved crucial milestones in most of the involved countries. 

Based on the research results, B-COMPETENT will develop:

  • an online and transnational face to face train-the-trainers courses.
  • multilingual training materials and practical tools, animated video with case scenarios, guideline for trainers, handbook with exercises; 
  • a community of practice involving relevant stakeholders: trainers, educators, psychologists, correctional officers, prison administrators, human rights observers, policymakers, researchers.


WHEN: July 21-22 h 9-13

WHERE: Zoom Platform

July 2020
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